One Less Thing To Worry About

One thing evident today is that our lives have become increasingly complicated; and, yes, we have more opportunities to become stressed! Reducing stressors is not only important, but essential for a well-lived life.  We want to reduce your worries. Our goals include educating and coaching you on your path to financial wellbeing as well as providing excellent options for money management.

If you understand your choices of money management styles and you understand why they are different, you will make better decisions for your own investments. There is so much noise out there in the financial media, but it always comes down to the basics: stocks, or ownership of companies, or bonds, the debt of companies. These are packaged and re-packaged ad infinitum until it is very confusing what exactly it is we are buying! 

Why not remove all this noise? There are portfolio managers quietly creating an eruption across the financial industry with a simple, effective method. 

But first, how can we tell if we are investing in a way that increases our stress, reducing our wellbeing? There are three  signs that are easy to spot ! 

1)  Timing. Choosing asset classes, such as bonds or stocks, because you think that sector will do better than others within a future time frame. 

2)  Stock picking. Choosing individual companies because you believe that company will be superior to others 

3)  Track Record Investing. Choosing a stock, mutual fund, or asset class based on past performance. 

These three strategies have been the cause of millions lost, in addition to the emotions of hope, fear and greed, which also cause poor decisions. No one knows what will move a stock tomorrow. No oneknows which sector will take off 6 months from now. No one. The current price of a stock has already absorbed all known information. 

By ‘removing the noise’ of expectations, guessing and predictions, we invest in a more ‘organic’ way. By investing in the entire markets, we invest in an unfiltered, natural, nadulterated approach in which we participate in the long-term expansion of commerce. 

With the changing economic environment, it is impossible to pick which companies will survive and thrive. But we know this: things are continually changing and we don’t know what the next big swing will be. 

In our experience, the only way to be confident about your investment success in the future is to buy all the asset classes, hold long-term, and combine them in such a way that risk is reduced. 

Then you can get on with your life and have one less thing to worry about. 


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