Last Word for 2013


As we bid adieu to 2013 and greet 2014, it is also the close of Kasey Claytor’s 30th year celebration in the financial business. It culminated in a local bash for our local clients and families. It was a blast! Kasey’s husband presented her with 30 long stemmed roses. Aaron and Dawn presented her with a beautiful engraved crystal with complimentary words.

We also enlisted a photographer, Roxann Morin, to record the event and we are posting photos on the website. Kasey’s husband, Bill, assisted the wonderful magician, Randy Crain, to the delight and  hilarity of the audience!

The article this month is in part, Kasey’s speech from that night. We hope you enjoy it.

We are closing Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th, and reopening January 2nd, 2014. If you need us during that time we will leave instructions on our phone message.

May everyone have a lovely and meaningful Christmas and Holiday.You are the most important part of our business and we hold your trust with the utmost of care. We are all grateful to you.

To your Financial Wellbeing,

Kasey Claytor     &     Aaron Wade     &    Dawn Lopez


Last Word for 2013~

As this year closes, I reflect on my past 30 years in the financial business. Times have changed, yet so much has stayed true and unchanging. I’ve written before of this history, but this is more of my personal experience. This is taken from a talk I gave recently to a group of our clients.

One thing that stays the same is my deep appreciation for all the people that make my job, and the existence of my business, possible. From my family and their unwavering support and love, to my very important clientele, some of which have been with me for nearly all 30 years!

We do have the greatest clients any firm could have. Our relationship with our clients is much more than just business.  As time goes by, they become family and we rejoice and ache right along with them as we would with family. Our hearts are filled.

Our assistant, Dawn has been with me almost 20 years, and I as well as our clients have come to depend on her. Her dedication to her job and to our clients could not be greater. Our success is in part due to her support.

Aaron has been with us now for two years following completion of all the educational requirements,  licensing and more. He has continued to go to conferences for more information that can help our clients. We have benefited greatly by his joining the firm. His contributions have increased our business by 30% over the last two years!

The financial business in 1983:

We stock brokers all worked on commission. This meant the first of each the month we began with 0 pay. We had quotas, time-sensitive orders, and every department in the firm telling us what to sell: Sell this 30 year bond, no this new emerging stock fund, no this utility stock, no this annuity, but what about this IPO? My desk filled daily with such memos and price sheets. If we didn’t sell, no pay.

It was a time of great highs and terrible lows. For people who like excitement, it was that. But we didn’t really have a defined investment philosophy. We had huge losses in every bear market. We and the clients were stuck in the vicious cycle of hope/greed/fear. When you buy a stock, you hope it will go up. When it goes up, greed creeps in and tells you, “It will go higher, don’t sell it”. So you don’t. Then it often would fall, and fear causes you to sell, at a loss. This causes a great deal of stress, obviously, and eventual exhaustion!

Of course, this still goes on today. Our media is very good at building impatience in investors who are looking for fast returns. All over the internet, TV and print, someone is selling some idea that will make you rich, or selling you information you must have to survive!

Imagine the relief we would feel if we transcended this cycle and evolved a completely different method of investing? We could reduce the stress. This thought inspired my future decisions and actions.

In 2000, I left the corporate world and opened a branch of a small broker/dealer, which gave me more flexibility, and opened up new vistas of possibilities.  I was no longer obligated to a chain of command on where to invest my client’s money. I began developing my own brand and philosophy that would lessen the stress for myself and my clientele.

This expanded to more licensing and by 2005 I had opened a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Osprey Money Management LLC, and discovered high-quality investment programs in alignment with my philosophy of long-term investing with wide diversification, low cost and efficient risk management.

With great enthusiasm, I shared all this knowledge with every single client over that year.

Just in time, too, because we were all prepared when the great bear market of 2008 hit.

Key tip for your success:

The key to investing success is understanding what you are doing and why—to find a plan that gives you confidence and peace of mind so you are able to commit to it for the long haul.

The stock markets have been gaining now for most of the last 5 years. They’ve made up, and more, the ground lost in 2008. Bull markets tend to go on for years. Bear markets, or corrections, tend to last only a number of months. We will have another market correction, this we know from history, but no one knows when. Seasoned investors, those that have been there before, won’t lose sleep, knowing it is temporary. We will have another Bull market to pull it back up again. The accounts we provide are managed with these bear markets in mind.

Take advantage of our workshops because this education will replace worry and financial mistakes.

Investing doesn’t need to be stressful. In fact, I believe it, if properly structured, can be largely forgotten so you can enjoy other things!

In the end, those of you who are clients have success as a result of your discipline, your impulse control, planning and foresight. If our education and management gives you confidence, we’ve done our job. And you are what we are grateful for most.

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