April 2014 Osprey Newsletter


This is what I said at the start of 2013, and like an old television re-run it fits today. “The stock market has been breaking records once again and there are many analysts, advisors, other financial pundits scrambling to tell us what it means, but all it means is the market is acting like a market.” There is no deeper meaning within the meanderings of the stock market moves other than folks buying stocks and selling stocks.


There has been more noise lately about the high speed trading which is mostly meaningless when analysed as well. The effects of these moves equate to a few percentage points of a penny on a share price. We are long-term holders of the entire market, so this is not something to be overly concerned about. I am sure it will all flesh out in the end, and the few who do take advantage illegally will be caught!


Deadline to add to your IRA for 2013:

We must have your check in our office by Friday, April 11th. If you want to open an IRA for 2013 you still can if the paperwork is all done by 2011.


What’s Next for us? We are planning a wine tasting at our offices, and  we will combine it with a short talk. The date is not yet set, but we will notify you soon.


The article below was written by our co-advisor, Spencer Sherman of Abacus. He mentions the futility in trying to beat the market and how retirement does not need to be anything like what we picture! We hope you enjoy it.

By Spencer Sherman

In 2013, we saw proof that human beings benefit from letting go. Professor Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago won the Nobel Prize for Economics for proving that the more we tinker with our investment portfolios, the worse the results for our wallets and our stress levels. His research led to the development of stock index funds.

Let go of tinkering as Abacus does for its clients, and you are most likely able to retire earlier, do more philanthropy, and sleep better at night-all thanks to the confirming research of Dr. Fama.


Gretchen Morgenson of

The New York Times

 reported recently that professional U.S. pension fund managers have more than doubled their allotment to hedge funds (the epitome of tinkering with one’s investments) since 2006, while their returns relative to the brainless S&P 500 index worsened.

“Instead of fantasizing about retirement, dream about finding work that you love.”

Let Go of the Word “Retirement”

It has become clear to me over the last year that we have been brainwashed to believe that life is about making or inheriting enough money so you can afford to depart from your life of work. Work has been considered drudgery, or at the very least, not as desirable as what the idea of “retirement” conjures up in our imaginations. Instead of fantasizing about retirement, dream about finding work that you love and that helps you bring your gifts to others. Find work, paid or unpaid, from which you don’t ever wish to retire. For me, when I left the “tinkering” investment world of a large brokerage firm, with its many conflicts of interest, I “retired” from work that depleted me. That was at the age of 26.


Spencer Sherman is Founder and CEO of Abacus Wealth Partners.



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