The Market’s Correction

 The sharp downturn in the US stock market the past weeks herald a new correction. This means the stock market indices: the Dow Industrials and the S & P 500, have dropped more than 10% from the last peak, which was in May of this year. The last time it fell into this territory was in April of 2011. The trading was light this time, meaning there weren’t many traders, so this small number created the decline.
     This has been anticipated, and is a normal movement in the overall markets.
     It was due in part to irrational worries over China’s economy and the decline of oil prices. Here again, as we consistently say, these machinations are no reason for us to be concerned or a call to action if you are in a well-diversified global portfolio similar to the type we recommend.
     Be forewarned, you will see inflammatory words across the news media like ‘panic’ and ‘major sell-off’ ‘plunge’ and ‘crash’.
     The underlining corporations represented in the stock market are healthy and continuing to grow. If you are still concerned, of course we are available to answer your questions.

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