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April 2014 Osprey Newsletter

Thursday, June 12th, 2014


This is what I said at the start of 2013, and like an old television re-run it fits today. “The stock market has been breaking records once again and there are many analysts, advisors, other financial pundits scrambling to tell us what it means, but all it means is the market is acting like a market.” There is no deeper meaning within the meanderings of the stock market moves other than folks buying stocks and selling stocks.


There has been more noise lately about the high speed trading which is mostly meaningless when analysed as well. The effects of these moves equate to a few percentage points of a penny on a share price. We are long-term holders of the entire market, so this is not something to be overly concerned about. I am sure it will all flesh out in the end, and the few who do take advantage illegally will be caught!


Deadline to add to your IRA for 2013:

We must have your check in our office by Friday, April 11th. If you want to open an IRA for 2013 you still can if the paperwork is all done by 2011.


What’s Next for us? We are planning a wine tasting at our offices, and  we will combine it with a short talk. The date is not yet set, but we will notify you soon.


The article below was written by our co-advisor, Spencer Sherman of Abacus. He mentions the futility in trying to beat the market and how retirement does not need to be anything like what we picture! We hope you enjoy it.

By Spencer Sherman

In 2013, we saw proof that human beings benefit from letting go. Professor Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago won the Nobel Prize for Economics for proving that the more we tinker with our investment portfolios, the worse the results for our wallets and our stress levels. His research led to the development of stock index funds.

Let go of tinkering as Abacus does for its clients, and you are most likely able to retire earlier, do more philanthropy, and sleep better at night-all thanks to the confirming research of Dr. Fama.


Gretchen Morgenson of

The New York Times

 reported recently that professional U.S. pension fund managers have more than doubled their allotment to hedge funds (the epitome of tinkering with one’s investments) since 2006, while their returns relative to the brainless S&P 500 index worsened.

“Instead of fantasizing about retirement, dream about finding work that you love.”

Let Go of the Word “Retirement”

It has become clear to me over the last year that we have been brainwashed to believe that life is about making or inheriting enough money so you can afford to depart from your life of work. Work has been considered drudgery, or at the very least, not as desirable as what the idea of “retirement” conjures up in our imaginations. Instead of fantasizing about retirement, dream about finding work that you love and that helps you bring your gifts to others. Find work, paid or unpaid, from which you don’t ever wish to retire. For me, when I left the “tinkering” investment world of a large brokerage firm, with its many conflicts of interest, I “retired” from work that depleted me. That was at the age of 26.


Spencer Sherman is Founder and CEO of Abacus Wealth Partners.



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One Less Thing To Worry About

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

One thing evident today is that our lives have become increasingly complicated; and, yes, we have more opportunities to become stressed! Reducing stressors is not only important, but essential for a well-lived life.  We want to reduce your worries. Our goals include educating and coaching you on your path to financial wellbeing as well as providing excellent options for money management.

If you understand your choices of money management styles and you understand why they are different, you will make better decisions for your own investments. There is so much noise out there in the financial media, but it always comes down to the basics: stocks, or ownership of companies, or bonds, the debt of companies. These are packaged and re-packaged ad infinitum until it is very confusing what exactly it is we are buying! 

Why not remove all this noise? There are portfolio managers quietly creating an eruption across the financial industry with a simple, effective method. 

But first, how can we tell if we are investing in a way that increases our stress, reducing our wellbeing? There are three  signs that are easy to spot ! 

1)  Timing. Choosing asset classes, such as bonds or stocks, because you think that sector will do better than others within a future time frame. 

2)  Stock picking. Choosing individual companies because you believe that company will be superior to others 

3)  Track Record Investing. Choosing a stock, mutual fund, or asset class based on past performance. 

These three strategies have been the cause of millions lost, in addition to the emotions of hope, fear and greed, which also cause poor decisions. No one knows what will move a stock tomorrow. No oneknows which sector will take off 6 months from now. No one. The current price of a stock has already absorbed all known information. 

By ‘removing the noise’ of expectations, guessing and predictions, we invest in a more ‘organic’ way. By investing in the entire markets, we invest in an unfiltered, natural, nadulterated approach in which we participate in the long-term expansion of commerce. 

With the changing economic environment, it is impossible to pick which companies will survive and thrive. But we know this: things are continually changing and we don’t know what the next big swing will be. 

In our experience, the only way to be confident about your investment success in the future is to buy all the asset classes, hold long-term, and combine them in such a way that risk is reduced. 

Then you can get on with your life and have one less thing to worry about. 


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August Newsletter 2013

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
Dear Clients and Friends,
   Hello to all of our awesome investors! This year has really been an easy year to invest! We’d like to remind you that it isn’t difficult to choose the right stock funds when the stock markets are going up, the real value of a manager is limiting the risk when the markets drop. Someday, the Fed will ease up on flooding the economy with money, and then it will be very important to have good, proper diversification.
   As promised,we’ve included below the major points of the ObamaCare talk we had two weeks ago.
    If you have not been able to attend a Separating Myths from Truth presentation yet, we would really encourage you to attend the one next week. (See the times below) This presentation is really a must to work with us because it explains what we do and why. If you live too far away, just give us a call, or listen to it onlinehere.

 As always, to your Financial Wellbeing,


Kasey Claytor     &     Aaron Wade



     7 Things to know

  1.  It isn’t final yet. It changes constantly. So be alert to announcements. You will be getting information in the mail that will be important to read.

  2.  It isn’t free! You will need to be a prudent shopper. Educate yourself to minimize your out-of-pocket costs and maximize your benefits.

  3.  Open enrollment begins October 1st, 2013. But don’t sign anything yet! You’ve got lots of time. You have until March 31st, 2014. You will notice soon there will be ads blasting on TV by AARP as well as the government sponsored information.

  4.  There will be, under the public insurance, Silver, Gold and Platinum insurance offerings to choose from. All are guaranteed issue for coverage. Government contractors called Navigators will advise you on how to work online for the exchanges. One is called Enroll America. They cannot help you with private Exchanges.  You may receive a tax credit based on your income to help you pay for the coverage.

  5. Health Insurance Agents and Insurance providers will participate in helping you apply, possibly Cigna, Aetna, and Blue Cross.

  6. The different plans and their costs will be revealed in late September.

  7. If you will continue with your own private insurance make sure you have a doctor before October. The plan does not create any more doctors but there will be loads more patients!

You can go to the Kaiser Family Foundation website for a calculator to estimate your cost on the public 

This information was derived from the seminar given by Mr. Donald C. Kirkendall, CBC of AffordableOne Insurance. They are a designated PPACA, Affordable Care Act Enrollment Center, with access to both the Public Exchange and Private Exchanges and all major health insurance carriers in Florida


A Prosperity U Workshop 

Separating Myths from Truth:

 The Story of Investing 

Learn what Wall Street

Doesn’t Want You to Know


You are cordially invited to a FREE educational Event

Given by

Osprey Wealth Coaching

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

2:00 PM or 5:00PM

Osprey Conference Room

918 S. Washington Ave.
Titusville, Florida 32780

TO REGISTER CONTACT:  Dawn Lopez  321-383-4005  877-650-3796


This is the first presentation of our series and is packed with vital information. The presentation makes a good stand-alone workshop for any investor or group. We offer this presentation free of charge.
The three part workshop covers:

  1.  Dispelling Traditional Investing Myths – assumptions, logic and common inaccuracies
  2.  The Story of Investing – What 50 years of empirical research shows
  3.  Building a Better Portfolio – You don’t have to use traditional investment methods to be a successful investor.

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